Introduction to Ariela’s Cells

This website is dedicated to sharing the life and work of Dr. Ariela Browne, phD, Ariela2DD, also known as Ariela Grace.  However, to be able to share her work, we must first give a little background on what this work was and is.  So we shall begin by saying this:  At this very moment there is a quiet revolution happening.  No I am not speaking of any kind of societal protests to change government or economics or any of the social structures of our world.  It is a revolution of Consciousness.  It is a spiritual revolution and a material revolution together…..which makes this revolution….Something Else. 

People around the world have slowly been merging together in a unity what has been believed to be opposing perspectives.  We have begun to see that Spirit and Matter, God and Science, are not only connected, but are simply different aspects of the same Consciousness and Life that pervades everything that exists.  We are beginning to experience that as we change our inner Consciousness we change our world and have a creative influence and power with Matter, and most intimately with the substance of our own bodies.  And it is here, in our bodies, in the substance of our cells, where the true Revolution is slowly occurring.  A Revolution of the Consciousness of the cells. 

This is precisely the work of Ariela Grace, inspired by her own unique experiences starting as a child, and by the guidance of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry, India, who had begun this new endeavor to transform and spiritualize or divinize Matter in order to awaken a new Life, a Life Divine upon the Earth.  It is through a change in our Consciousness and becoming aware of our entire nature right down to the cells of our bodies that we collaborate with this great Work that all are invited to join.  Unlike the yogas of the past, there is no set or structured method or system to engage this adventure, but only the aspiration in one’s Soul to begin.  Each may have their very own unique way of awakening their Consciousness and engaging this evolution of the body and cells.  Yet we offer here Ariela’s work as one example that may hold some clues or some help for those around the world who are having experiences or are inspired to explore the Yoga of the Cells.  We hope this website shall help bring a little Light to others along their own Journeys of awakening and transforming themselves. 

So please explore, enjoy, and share with others!